History of Cisco Construction

I have been involved in various capacities of the building construction industry since 1974. I worked summers as a carpenter while putting myself through college. After teaching building construction to high school students in Utah and Oregon, our family moved to Jackson in 1980. I soon landed a job as a carpenter at Jackson Hole Ski Resort. Eventually, I became Construction Manager and later Property Manager for the ski area. I left my employment in Teton Village as General Manager for Jackson Hole Property Management in 1993 to return to building fulltime. I worked initially as a carpenter, estimator and ultimately superintendant for Cox Construction here in Jackson. In 1996, I knew I wanted more. I realized by founding my own company, I could combine my love of building and my enjoyment in working with people.

Ownership of a company affords many benefits - pride, sense of accomplishment, etc. Many challenges also face the owner of a construction company - difficult sites, design, materials, weather, scheduling, accounting, personnel, etc. I take all my responsibilities, and the trust placed in me by clients, very seriously. I am personally involved in each of my projects on a daily basis, thereby helping ensure both quality and efficiency are constantly being achieved. The buck really does stop here and I am always accountable for my actions and decisions - as well as all those I am responsible for. The greatest part of my job is helping a client transform their dream to reality. I feel lucky to say I really enjoy what I do for a living.

Since the early beginnings, my constant goal has been to build the finest quality homes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The homes featured in this portfolio include some of my more notable projects. These homes vary in size, design and materials. Some were built brand new from the ground up, while others represent major addition/renovation efforts to revitalize existing dated projects. Common among all of them, however, is my attention to detail and creative use of materials. Whether it is authentic reclaimed timbers, western log homes, highly detailed contemporary interiors or a unique blend of all, I am confident I can exceed any client's expectations. I enjoy the process, personalities and products involved in creating or renovating a home. My experience, style and methods consistently deliver excellent quality and value.

About my mark... chose for my brand the diamond bar C. The diamond represents the highest level of quality. The C stands for Cisco. The use of the bar beneath the C is a tribute to ranch brands and western heritage. The result accompanies each of my signatures and is also evident on my tools, advertising, website and even quietly adorns a project or two as a maker's mark...